Scheduling routine maintenance for your vehicle can help you stay up to date on the current conditions of your vehicle. Hitting big mile reaches like 20,000 miles, 60,000 miles and the big 100,000 miles will show your wear and tear that you place on your vehicle. It is essential to ensure that your car is always well taken care of by experienced service technicians so your car gets the around safely and in the best condition. Not sure when you should schedule for your regular maintenance checks? You owners manual should have all the important information on when your vehicle should be properly service by experience technicians. 

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Preventative care saves tons of money by doing basic checks at home. Basic checks like you tire pressure (purchase a cheap tire gauge and keep it in your glove compartment). Something so small, can you save you hundreds down the road. Blasting classic tunes in your vehicle always makes time go by, but once a week, ride around with no music and check for any strange sounds that may sound un-ordinary. Even learning to check your fluids such as: antifreeze, power steering, coolant and even your windshield wiper fluid are great preventative measures you should take. Once again, your Owner's Manual will be your best friend in letting you know how much of which fluid is needed for your vehicle. 


You never wan't to ignore issues with your vehicle and want to consult a professional when you need too! Ignoring major issues can be a safety hazard for you and everyone else that may travel with you in your vehicle. Issues with your engine, brakes etc... Can cause fatal issues if not taken care of immediately. Even keeping up to date on your vehicles safety list and making sure there are no open recalls can give you a bit of peace of mind. Check your Honda vehicle to make sure it is recall free here! You should do this once a month to ensure maximum vehicle safety. 

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