We are getting close to the times where drivers ed may eventually be a thing of the past! With technology advancing so rapidly, everyday, during every second, Honda has announced their future goal of the one, the only, self-driving car!   


Year 2025, might be revolutionary for Honda and its selfdriving vehicles. Even though many other automakers are trying to race way ahead of this time frame, Honda is pushing for "high-automated" vehicles that will be prepared to handle all driving situations on the road with little to no driver interaction or need to intervene. 

Imagine sitting behind the wheel, starting your car, plugging in your location and letting your advanced car drive YOU! 

These selfdriving cars will rely heavily on cameras, LiDAR, and radar sensors to commit to the safe drive to get its occupant from point A to B. We are already starting to see certain futuristic features on newer Honda models that showcase the safety and self-drive like functions such as: Lane assistive driving, automatic braking, and collision warnings. All these measures are being used to create a collision-free society, where the selfdriving cars will accumulate experience to predict outcomes and take appropriate action.

Honda Targeting Introduction of Level 4 Automated Driving Capabi

Much talk about robo-taxis and autonomous shuttles has give transportation a new wave in the future, but Honda is pushing the self-driving cars to be for personal use. Both testing on freeway-like roads as well as more populated urban roads will help these high tech cars, build the safety net needed for everyday use. Getting the feel of the road will no longer be up to the driver, but will be up to your vehicle. 

How much are you willing to spend on this vehicle that is programmed to save your life? Price ranges have not been determined or discussed due to these self-driving vehicles still being in their early stage of planning, but aren't you eager to know what one vehicle will run?

Shall we start the count down for 2025 and the self-driving car? 

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