When Is the Best Time to Buy A Car?

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Buying your next vehicle whether new or used can be a stressful process. Evaluating the possible trade-in of your current vehicle, what you can afford monthly for a payment, to even long term thinking about taxes due on the vehicle can drive you wild. On top of all of these stresses, you always want to make sure you get the best deal around town!

Regardless of the day, time of year and exact moment you are looking to purchase you never want to be in a rush while in this process. Getting into a new vehicle before needing a new vehicle is always important for this gives you the chance to research the type of vehicle you want and shop around the market. You want to make sure you have enough time to really look at different vehicles, prices and compare your options at hand. 

According to US News these are the best times to purchase that new car you have been wanting:

1. Mondays

With more traffic being brought in on the weekend, you may have more time to speak with your salesman and discuss different models, trims etc... that may present you with a better deal than you orignially thought you could leave with.

2. October

Did you purchase a vehicle this month? It is said that with the new year rolling around, the current year models are always hot and ready for a deal.

3. New Years Eve

Who doesn't want to start the New Year in a new vehicle at a great deal!

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