Spark Plug Warning Signs

Car Care

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Spark plugs are an integral ignition system component that are the most important piece of the ignition system.

Spark Plug Warning Signs:

Engine Misfires

An engine misfire is a feeling that you will instantly recognize. The engine may appear to stumble for a brief interval and then regain its pace. The frequency that this will occur depends on how serious your misfire problem is.

High Fuel Consumption

A properly functioning spark plug ensures the emissions from your vehicle are kept at a minimum. Deteriorated spark plugs can decrease your vehicle's fuel economy due to incomplete combustion. As your spark plug wears, the gap between the plug electrodes can either expand or close up.

Lack of Acceleration

Poor acceleration is often an obvious sign that your vehicle may be in need of new spark plugs. Poor acceleration is a lack of responsiveness or delayed reaction when engaging your gas pedal. In this situation pushing down on the gas pedal does not immediately boost the speed of the vehicle and it will appear like the engine is being overworked.

Rough Idle

Idling occurs when an engine is running but the vehicle remains still. During this time your engine will run at a low RPM. An engine with properly performing spark plugs should sound continuous and smooth. If your spark plugs are not working as they should, your engine will produce a rough and jittery sound and your engine will stumble.

Problem Starting Your Car

Many people do not know that worn spark plugs can cause their vehicle to have difficulty starting. Because spark plugs are not necessarily top of mind vehicle components, it is easy to overlook the possibility that worn spark plugs are causing car issues.