Expectations During Tire Installation

Honda Tire 

The Ins and Outs of Tire Installation

Ever wonder what is happening to your car when your tires are being replaced? Check out this step-by-step guide to learn how your Coggin DeLand Honda service technician fits your new tires onto your vehicle:

Step-by-Step Tire Installation

  1. On average, a Coggin DeLand Honda tire installation takes about 45 minutes to an hour.
  2. First, the vehicle comes into a service bay and is placed on a mount to lift it off the ground.
  3. The service technician will unbolt the lug nuts on each wheel, starting with the left front and moving counter clockwise. Once these are removed, the wheels will be removed from the vehicle.
  4. The air will then be released from each tire by unscrewing the valve stem core or TPMS core.
  5. Next, all wheel weights are removed, a new valve stem or TPMS component kit is installed and the new tire is mounted onto the wheel.
  6. Once it's balanced, it's reinstalled on the vehicle by using an air gun and torque shaft to limit the torque being applied to the wheel. Then, the vehicle is lowered down so that the wheels are barely touching the ground, and they are torqued again with a torque wrench.
  7. The technician will also perform a courtesy vehicle inspection to indentify any other items that may need to be addressed.
  8. Protect your investment by getting an alignment. An alignment is recommended so your new tires don't wear unevenly or prematurely. Stop by Coggin DeLand Honda to learn more about our alignment service packages and warrenties we offer.