Learn About Plus-Sizing Your Tires

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Plus-Size Your Tires

Upgrading Your Vehicle's "Look" and Tire Performance

The main reason for plus sizing your cars wheels and tires is to increase the tire surface that remains in contact with the road. This increases the handling and performance of your car.

Our plus sizing formula offers the following results:

  • Lowering the tire's profile   
  • Increasing the tire's footprint   
  • Increasing the wheel diameter   
  • Increasing the wheel width   
  • Maintaining overall tire diameter   
  • Maintaining O.E load carrying capacity   
  • Better handling  
  • Better cornering agility
Let the experts at Coggin DeLand Honda help you find the right setup for you. In the end, your car will handle better, feel tighter, and as a bonus, look better!

Plus-Size Your Tires